FocusMeus 365 days

1 April 2009 - 31 March 2010

Project 365


Uploading one photo per day, for 365 consecutive days.

I plan on taking all kinds of photos, from a stray cat to a macro shot of a bread crumb, from a picture looking out from an airplane window to a concert photo.


Documenting change and building memories are good reasons for a 365 project, but it's not my goal. What I intend with this 365 project, is to be consciously photographing, every day. The subjects don't matter, photographing them does.

I figure that if I have to make at least one photo per day, in 365 days my photography should be improved. Like magic.


By taking one photo every day for 1 full year and uploading it to this website.

I've seen that plenty of people give up halfway, or even earlier, and of course I run that risk too. However, I'm planning on not giving up, and one way to help with that is to not make it too difficult for myself. My aim is to do something with photography every single day. On days that I can't find the time or idea for a photo, I'll allow myself to take an older photo and process it in a new way.

The only times I won't upload any photo at all, will be when I don't have internet access. From past experience though, this should be virtually never.